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Are you an aspirational women looking for inspiring fine jewellery that transcends beyond beauty?

Qlassico co-founder, Wong Chee Sheun

Unveil the Journey

origin story

Hi, I'm WONG Chee Sheun, the co-founder of Qlassico. Growing up in a family immersed in the goldsmith business, I was captivated by the profound significance that fine jewellery holds.

Heeding my heart's calling to share my passion for fine jewellery that embodies meaning and purpose, I co-founded Qlassico in 2018 with my sister, WONG Chee Yue to inspire women to pursue their dreams through the transformative power of exquisite jewellery. 

Beyond Bling

inspiring fine jewellery

At Qlassico, we believe that fine jewellery is more than just adornment—it's a source of inspiration, motivating women to pursue their dreams.

Recognising life's challenges that may hinder your aspirations, our jewellery ignites your passion, inspiring you to chase your dreams with unwavering enthusiasm. Embark on an empowering journey with our fine jewellery today and never let obstacles dampen your spirit.

Golden South Sea pearl pendant necklace set in 18k yellow gold

Cracking the Code

The Essence of Qlassico

Qlassico, pronounced as “Classy-Co” (/ˈklɑːsikəʊ/), originates from “Classy” with the intentional substitution of “C” with “Q” for a unique touch.

"Classy" embodies style, elegance, sophistication and quality, reflecting our commitment to crafting exquisite fine jewellery. The "Q" stands for "Queen," symbolising the empowerment of every woman to pursue her passions and dreams.

Refined Simplicity

Minimalist Design

We believe in the beauty of simplicity when it comes to fine jewellery. Our minimalist design features sleek contours and sculptural shapes, exuding an understated glamour.

Drawing inspiration from the beauty of nature, the grandeur of architecture and the richness of cultures, our curated pieces inspire you to embrace your passion and live a purposeful life.

Tahitian Pearl Pendant Necklace set in 18K White Gold
GIA Certificate

Driven by dedication

Professional Path

Fueled by passion and dedication, we hold the Applied Jewelry Professional diploma from the prestigious Gemological Institute of America (GIA) and the Certified Pearl Specialist qualification from the Cultured Pearl Association of America (CPAA).

Guided by our expertise, we ensure that every piece from Qlassico not only inspires but also upholds the highest standards of quality and craftsmanship.

our core values


We are passionate about inspiring women to unlock their dreams and aspirations.


Embracing an authentic life ignited by passion is at the heart of our brand.


We believe that jewellery can be a force for positive change in the world.

Are you prepared to embrace a world of fine jewellery that transcends mere adornment, igniting your passion and empowering you to pursue your dreams?

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