About Us

Modern Sensibility, Timeless Elegance

Qlassico’s fine jewellery evokes a sense of modernism and sophistication through its understated, clean silhouette and minimalistic design. Subtly elegant and timeless, each piece is an elevated daily luxury for discerning women who make a statement about their authentic selves. Meticulously crafted with fine materials and precious gems, Qlassico is a new-age classic that stands the test of time.

The Founders

Qlassico Founders

Founded by Wong Chee Sheun, GIA AJP (left) and Wong Chee Yue, GIA AJP (right) in 2018, Qlassico is a jewellery design house based in Muar, a historical town in Malaysia. Born into a family of the traditional gold jewellery business, the sisters have exhibited a passion for gems and jewels since their early years and aspired to redefine the art of fine jewellery with a contemporary approach.