care instructions

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Preserving Everlasting Beauty

the art of jewellery care

Discover how proper care helps your treasured pieces radiate with brilliance and grace, standing the test of time.

pearl jewellery

  • Chemicals and acids can easily damage pearls. Always apply hair spray, cosmetics and perfume before putting on your pearl jewellery. 
  • Avoid wearing pearl jewellery while bathing, doing housework or exercising. 
  • Wipe your pearl jewellery with a soft, clean damp jewellery cloth after wearing.
  • Get your pearl strands restrung every few years or when the silk threads look frayed and dirty. 
  • Store your pearl jewellery separately in a jewellery box to prevent scratches on pearl surfaces. 
  • Never store pearl jewellery in an airtight environment (e.g. a zip lock bag) to prevent dehydration. 

diamond jewellery

Avoid wearing diamond jewellery while swimming. Prolonged exposure to chlorinated water can damage the precious metals used for setting the diamonds.

Clean your diamond jewellery with a soft toothbrush in warm, soapy water and wipe with a clean jewellery cloth.

Store your diamond jewellery separately from other jewellery in a jewellery box.