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about us

Qlassico is a Malaysian fine jewellery brand curating inspiring pieces for aspirational women worldwide.

Our jewellery transcends beauty, motivating women to pursue their dreams. Each piece reflects the essence of the modern, aspirational women – inspired, passionate, and empowered to make an impact.


Inspiring Fine Jewellery Designed for Aspirational Women

Essence of Qlassico

Qlassico, pronounced as “Classy-Co” (/ˈklɑːsikəʊ/), originates from “Classy” with the intentional substitution of “C” with “Q” for a unique touch.

"Classy" embodies style, elegance, sophistication and quality, reflecting our commitment to crafting exquisite fine jewellery. The "Q" stands for "Queen," symbolising the empowerment of every woman to pursue her passions and dreams.

core values


We are passionate about inspiring women to unlock their dreams and aspirations.


Embracing an authentic life ignited by passion is at the heart of our brand.


We believe that jewellery can be a force for positive change in the world.

our clients

Passionate about embracing life's finer aspects and relentlessly pursuing their dreams, our clients are discerning urban professionals who value individuality and personal empowerment.

Successful and financially independent, they seek brands that align with their refined tastes and promote purposeful living. They appreciate minimalist elegance, quality craftsmanship, and meaningful messages in their jewellery.

bio of founders

Raised in a family rooted in goldsmithing tradition, WONG Chee Sheun (pic) discovered a profound appreciation for the meaningful essence of fine jewellery from an early age. Answering the call of her passion, she co-founded Qlassico in 2018 alongside her sister, WONG Chee Yue, with a shared vision to inspire women to pursue their dreams through the transformative power of exquisite fine jewellery.

Both founders hold the prestigious Applied Jewelry Professional diploma from the renowned Gemological Institute of America (GIA), as well as the esteemed Certified Pearl Specialist qualification from the Cultured Pearl Association of America (CPAA).

Media Features

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latest collection

celestial collection

The Celestial Collection draws inspiration from the symbolic significance of stars as guiding lights. Crafted with premium saltwater pearls set in 18K gold, it conveys a profound message: your passion is the guiding star in your life.

Encouraging women to live with purpose and pursue their dreams, this collection reflects empowerment and celebrates the beauty of the cosmos.

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Qlassico Celestial Collection_Akoya Pearl Dangling Earrings and Pointed Pendant Necklace


Golden South Sea Pearl Pendant Necklace set in 18k Yellow Gold by Qlassico

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